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Our Kiln Dried Firewood Is Ready To Burn

Kiln Dried Firewood from The Potting Bench is different from the start. First, 100% premium hardwood is locally harvested in a green certified and environmentally sound manner. Next, it is dried in a kiln in small batches to reduce its moisture content to below 25% guaranteed. As a result, each piece burns completely and produces less smoke, ash, and dangerous creosote buildup. The kiln drying process also destroys any mold, mildew, or insects associated with seasoned wood, making it safe and clean to store indoors.

Visit us at the flower shop for a grab-and-go “Fire in a Bag”, with roughly 10 pieces of Kiln Dried Firewood and a sample of Fatwood All-Natural Firestarter for $14.95!

They built a patio for us last summer and did a fabulous job. We had an amazing experience and would definitely hire them again. The crew was all very friendly and professional.”
V.K., on Yelp.com

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